Saturday, September 1, 2012

Life Has Begun.

I know what you're thinking. "How can you write such an awesome blogpost 3 months ago and then not follow up with another?!?!" Lol. Well folks, life happened..or shall I say came to a screeching halt. After my last post I was so excited about starting school again and jumping on this journey. Then I had to deal with real THE WORK PLACE FROM HELL!!!!!

So as you may or may not know, I work for a really huge corporate financial company, the specific department that I work in handles product solutions for small businesses. I'm going to try to make this as brief as possible so here we go: My manager is on a nightly cocaine prescription. She is also sleeping with our Chief Operations Officer. She will disappear for two or three days at a time and will not come to work or give an explanation for her absences because she doesn't have to. She is "untouchable" do to the fact that she is screwing the head honcho. She reports to our two directors, one of the director's is the C.O.O.'s son. Our CEO works out of our NYC office and he never fly's over here unless he has too. I am the supervisor of the department, under this said manager, but above everyone else. Long story-short: It started going down hill in June when she decided that she wanted to cut our departments spending by getting rid of employees but she had no ground to actually terminate them. So she tricked 4 of our employees into basically saying that the did not want to be apart of our department anymore, even though didn't actually say that (confusing I know, I'm still trying to figure it out). So that gave her the grounds to move them to another department against their will. Then she started disappearing again so myself and the rest of the team went to HR..but they didn't nothing about it? Why? Because the VP of HR is our C.O.O.'s good friend of 20+ years. So they ignored us. Then the CEO found out about some of the things going on and he flew in and started swinging the proverbial axe. Fired the two directors of our department (including the C.O.O.'s son), suspended one of the the VPs, and then the C.O.O. goes missing. My manager disappears again for two days and now that the directors are gone, I'm basically running the department. So I have all these people coming to me asking me questions, to which I do not have answers. Asking for direction, of which I cannot provide.

So to say the least I've been STRESSED OUT this entire summer. Then on top of that I was semi-depressed because once I figured out that this path of medicine was the path I wanted to take my life on, I no longer wanted to do anything that was not related to healthcare. I would sit in my office and ask myself "Why are you sitting here doing financial crap, ripping people off, and contributing to the downfall of small businesses across the America, when you know you're suppose to be helping people and saving lives?!?!" At that point, the fall semester had not started yet and the feeling of "I'm wasting so much time"  was overwhelming. I kept telling myself: "Just keep pushing through, once school starts we will feel like we are finally on the path." To which, I was right. School started last week, and it has been great. I'm still a long way from med school (about 3-3.5 years) but I'm finally on track and it feels awesome. So I apologize for my absence.

I'll leave you with quotes from my first class with Professor Kelly, who teaches Health and The Human body and is now my new favorite professor:

- "You'll end up waiting around 45 years for approval: That shit ain't coming folks!" - Prof. Kelly
- "You are a puppet to many strings, my advice: follow that string up to the source and cut that shit!" - Prof. Kelly
- "If you are only connected to that person physically, and not energetically, you'll break up with them in 6months..especially after those hot positions are all dried up!" - Prof. Kelly
- "Some music today is dangerous. People are all writing songs about 'Drugs, Bitches, & Hoes!'" - Prof. Kelly
- "I'm real folks. You may not be ready for me, and that's OK. You can take another health class that teaches out of a pharmaceutical ass licking textbook if you want!" - Prof. Kelly
- "You gotta love your body. When was the last time you looked down at your sex organs in the mirror? Check out your stuff folks!"

And Finally:

- "Masturbation is a form meditation folks! Have at it! (while making a masturbatory gesture with her hands)" - Prof. Kelly


  1. I agree with Prof. Kelly! Can I sign up for her class???
    Great to find you through the Medical Monday BlogHop! :)

  2. Could you please put a GFC follow widget on your blog? I would love to be able to follow :)

    1. Thanks for reading my blog! I've actually tried to add the GFC widget before but apparently google retired it back in March and started using Google+ instead, so I can no longer add it. I don't know if adding the Google+ widget would allow others to follow me or not. Any suggestions? :)

    2. Please disregard..I figured it out. I'm still new to this blogger thing lol